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Biden Campaign Officials Donated Money to Group That Helped Bail Violent Criminals Out of Jail

, Including a Serial Rapist and Accused Murderer

As previously reported, Biden’s campaign staffers donated to a non-profit that helped bail violent criminals out of jail.

A Minnesota non-profit dubbed “Minnesota Freedom Fund” received $35 million in donations during the George Floyd riots and Biden’s campaign staffers were among the people who made substantial donations.

Here is just a few of the violent criminals Biden’s team helped bail out of jail:

Darnika Floyd is an accused murderer who was in jail for stabbing a man to death.

Jaleel Stallings is an attempted cop killer who was in jail for firing at police during the George Floyd riots.

Donovan Boone is a violent fugitive who was in jail for breaking and entering and attempting to strangle his ex-girlfriend.

Christopher Boswell is a serial rapist who was in jail on sexual assault and kidnapping charges.

Biden campaign officials are putting women in danger.


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