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Florida Caretaker Arrested for Beating Disabled Elderly Man

Florida Caretaker Arrested for Violently Beating Disabled Elderly Man (Horrifying Video)

A 19-year-old Florida caretaker has been arrested for violently beating an 88-year-old disabled man that he was hired to take care of.

Jonah Delgado was caught on video verbally abusing the frail old man, violently dragging him out of his wheelchair, punching him in the stomach three times, and repeatedly slapping him in the face. The incident was caught on camera on August 5 by a home surveillance system.

You’re a f**ing idiot! Like how stupid are you?” Delgado screams as he abuses the man.

Delgado was arrested on Wednesday in Hillsborough County and charged with abuse of an elderly or disabled adult and battery.,%202020%20at%2009:24:41%20AM

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