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“Peaceful Protester” Arrested for Attempted Murder after Shooting 2 Demonstrators

Peaceful Protester” Arrested for Attempted Murder after Shooting 2 Demonstrators at Colorado Antifa-BLM Rally

As reported earlier by Cassandra Fairbanks — A car drove through a crowd of protesters that were walking on I-225 in Aurora, Colorado, and a protester shot other protesters while trying to shoot the driver.

There was a family in the car and they were approached by an armed protester.

The Daily Mail reported:

On Monday Samuel Young, 23, was arrested for shooting his fellow protesters.

A man who shot and wounded two demonstrators at a protest in Colorado over the weekend has been arrested on suspicion of attempted homicide.

Samuel Young, 23, was taken into custody on Monday in the Denver suburb of Wheat Ridge.

Investigators said Young was among the hundreds of protesters who were blocking Interstate 225 in neighboring Aurora on Saturday when a Jeep managed to pass through barricades and barreled toward the crowd.

Young allegedly raised his rifle and was aiming at the Jeep when he opened fire, striking one male protester in the leg and grazing another man’s head.

It was the most reckless thing I have seen in a long time,’ Aurora’s Deputy Chief Harry Glidden said.

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