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Democrat Traitors Stand by China’s Spy Consulates

Democrat Traitors Stand by China’s Spy Consulates

Democrat sanctuary cities don’t just provide sanctuary for illegal aliens, but for enemy spies.

The Houston consulate had become notorious for trying to intimidate American elected officials in Texas and nearby states, as well as American energy companies, especially those doing business in Asia. Some have also linked the Houston consulate to Chinese espionage against American tech and medical firms.

Amid reports that a fugitive spy wanted by the FBI is being harbored by the Chinese consulate in San Francisco, the inescapable reality is that foreign spy compounds operate in Democrat sanctuary cities.

Chinese intelligence officials at the San Francisco consulate had successfully recruited a staffer at Senator Dianne Feinstein’s San Francisco office and the situation at the local level is much worse.

And Democrats, instead of supporting their country, are once again undermining it in favor of China.

The same Democrat officials who had castigated President Trump for not trusting the “intelligence community” are the ones rejecting intelligence findings about China’s spy networks.

The Democrat has claimed that relations with China will improve if Biden wins the presidency. That’s not surprising since Biden and Baucus are good friends, and Baucus got the ambassadorship due to Biden.

Biden’s China ties have made it impossible for Democrats to confront the Communist dictatorship. Instead they’ve decided to accuse President Trump of closing the consulate as an election stunt even though it’s only July and the closure it hardly likely to have any meaningful impact on the election.

Instead of standing with America, the Democrats are trying to shift the onus to President Trump.

Chinese Communist consulates in America, including in Houston, have been used to intimidate Chinese residents in America, and to suppress political protests against China in this country. The Communist regime’s diplomatic corps has organized Chinese students to shout down, threaten, and even physically intimidate political opponents on campuses and even off them in San Francisco.

And yet, Democrats and the media insist on treating the Chinese Communist regime as the victim.

The Democrats are more loyal to their hatred for President Trump than they are to America. And even in the face of blatant enemy action, they choose the People’s Republic of China over the United States. A growing number of Democrats have also been directly or indirectly compromised by the enemy regime.

And that makes President Trump’s crackdown on spy consulates in Democrat cities all the more urgent.

When the State Department closed the spy consulate in Houston, Democrats had to choose between standing with Communist China or standing with America. They chose China and they chose treason.

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