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Opinion: I’m a Black American. I Need a Gun to Feel Safe in This Country.

NY Times Opinion: I’m a Black American. I Need a Gun to Feel Safe in This Country.

The New York Times posted Wednesday the video above entitled, “I’m a Black American. I Need a Gun to Feel Safe in This Country.”

The primary injunction from those featured in the video is, according to The Times, “Go buy a gun. Arm yourself. And just make sure you get some training.”

Amen to that!

GunsAmerica has been advocating that for years! Black America would benefit the most from responsible gun ownership, both because blacks are disproportionately the victims of violent crime and because the anti-gun establishment has racist roots.

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The Times paints a different picture, naturally. They reduce it to binary white/black issue as though it’s white America threatening black America. Not true. Working-class whitey is not an enemy of black people. The true enemy is government, of course, and the power brokers who seek to expand its control over the masses of all colors, races, creeds, genders, etc.

It’s why so many politicians champion gun control. Because they know that keeping black America unarmed means more black victims. More black victims mean more votes for big government solutions to “curb the gun violence epidemic” (or “end the war on drugs”) — “solutions” that erode fundamental rights and perpetuate the very problem they claim to address, which in turn, means peddlers of those failed policies stay in power.

Ever notice that cities with stringent gun laws usually have high rates of violent crime? One must ask themselves if gun control was a viable fix why do cities like Chicago (510 homicides in Chicago in 2019) and D.C. (166 homicides in 2019, a record number) have so many shootings annually? Worse yet, why do the people of these cities keep electing leaders who maintain the status quo (there’s been a Democratic mayor in D.C. since 1971 and one in Chicago since 1931)?

It’s almost funny, but one of the women featured in the video unwittingly acknowledges this very phenomenon.

Kat Traylor, I think her name was, says, “I’ve been fighting for gun regulation in my state for eight years. Regardless of who was in office, our lives didn’t get any better for a black and brown community in fact they just stayed the same. That’s when the realization hit that until we have legislation and all the wrong people don’t have guns, you need a gun.”

Now she’s half “woke” to the truth: no political party is going to save you. That’s correct. As mentioned, quite the opposite. Government, over time, will enslave you if you don’t keep it in check or if you keep voting in politicians who systematically sacrifice your freedoms at the altar of public safety. Remember, at its best, government is a necessary evil.

What Traylor misfires on is you need a gun because all of the wrong people will always have guns. No legislation is going to stop criminals from getting guns, just like no law is going to stop a junkie from getting dope. And those in power are never going to disarm themselves. When’s the last time a politician has introduced a law calling for a ban on private security details or turned their personal residence into a gun-free zone?

Bottom line, there is not a legislative solution to combating violent people or a tyrannical government. The only option is to take personal responsibility for your safety and to exercise your rights. Be prepared to defend yourself, your family, and your property from any malefactor attempting to tread on ’em. Be it a hardened thug or a gov’t jackboot.

Be careful, though. This way of thinking is contagious. It breeds independence and self-reliance, an awakening to a desire for a limited government, and a hankering thirst for liberty or the ability to act without permission. All scary things if one is a Nanny State ideologue.

More black people can and should bear arms. We’ve been saying it here on GunsAmerica for years. And, we welcome them with open arms because we’ve long acknowledged that armed men and armed women are citizens while unarmed men and unarmed women are subjects.

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