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Tear Gas And Dumpster Fires: Antifa Militants Try to Take Over Portland Police Station

The communist agitators in Portland once again took to the streets to protest whatever the outrage-of-the-week is, and again tried to copy-cat Seattle by setting up an “autonomous zone.” They tried that last week near vichy “mayor” Ted Wheeler’s apartment, but the police actually did their job and broke up the party.

This time, the protesters targeted Portland police’s north precinct. They did all their usual stuff, such as tagging the police building, setting up pallets and barricades, and lighting random stuff on fire, before the police moved in and actually did their job for the second time in a week, if you can believe that!,%202020%20at%2006:24:39%20PM

Brutal Beatdown Near Portland Protest, Police Searching For Suspects

As Portland continues its decline into third world s***hole status, stabbings, shootings, assaults, and other crimes are on the rise. That’s in addition to the nightly protests that often devolve into riots.

Early this past Wednesday morning, as the protests were petering out, a horde of protesters took out their angst on some dude, just a few blocks from the Justice Center, where the protests have been centered on.

The wild beatdown was caught on a surveillance video, which was apparently being operated by a person because the camera shifts around to keep up with the action.

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