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Governor Whitmer To Laid Off Health Worker Asking For Help To Get Unemployment Check:”Can I buy you a hot dog?”

Dem Governor Whitmer Responds To Laid Off Health Care Worker Asking For Help To Get Unemployment Check:”Can I buy you a hot dog?”

The impact on Michigan has been worse than much of the country. Michigan’s 22% unemployment rate remains higher than every state except Nevada, and Michigan was among only six states that lost more than 1 million jobs.

Meanwhile, many Michiganders won’t have a job to go back to. Several businesses across the state filed notices of permanent layoffs in June that affect hundreds of employees.

Michael Horrigan, president of the Upjohn Institue, estimates 30% of Michigan’s workforce doesn’t expect to be recalled to their job. Those people will likely begin searching for work after the expanded $600 weekly unemployment benefit expires at the end of July.

When surveyed by the Small Business Association of Michigan, one in seven businesses expected to close in the state.

Today, the unpopular Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer took part in a public relations stunt in Detroit at the iconic Lafayette Coney Island restaurant. Whitmer, who stood at the counter, serving customers with a mask covering her face, got a bit of a surprise when a black man, who explained he’s a “laid off health care worker,” showed up at the restaurant, asking Whitmer how he could get an unemployment check?

Whitmer responded by telling the man she’d look into it. Whitmer then asked him if she could “buy him a hot dog?”

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