Young Girl Maced After Parents Bring Her to Seattle Riots

Young Girl is Maced After Parents Bring Her to Seattle Riots

Seattle parents in the video below brought their child to the riot and she suffered because of their stupidity. This is not the fault of anyone but the leftist snowflake parents who think this is all fun and games. They want to teach their child about protesting, but the protests have gotten violent and out of control. This is a violent riot, and it’s to be expected that rubber bullets and tear gas will be used against the rioters.

What kind of a doofus dumbass takes a small child to a frigging riot!

2 thoughts on “Young Girl Maced After Parents Bring Her to Seattle Riots”

  1. Please stop spreading misinformation. There are so many inaccuracies with this post, but I’ll focus on the one that will likely matter most to you… the girl was a BYSTANDER, not a protestor. She was not there for the protests at all. Regardless, the police should not be pepper spraying anyone and they need to stop escalating these peaceful protests with undercover agitators, riot gear, rubber bullets, tear gas, mace, etc. The goal of all this is to confuse people like you and make you think the protests and protestors are bad people… and as usual, it seems to be working. Do not trust the media coverage!

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