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Trump Was Right: “When the Looting Starts, the Shooting Starts” – Two Federal Officers Shot During Mayhem and Leftist Protests in Oakland, One Dead,%202020%20at%2009:24:39%20AM

San Jose Rioters Whine Cops Didn’t Save Them After Car They Mobbed Turns Around and Runs Them Over,%202020%20at%2009:24:39%20AM

Portland’s Turn! Rioters Destroy Police HQ, Set It On Fire, Loot Mall, Shooting Related To Protest,%202020%20at%2009:24:39%20AM

Fox News Reporter Leland Vittert Surrounded and Chased by Mob Yelling “F**k Fox News”

ATLANTA: $67 Million College Football Hall Of Fame Looted and Destroyed By “Justice For George” Rioters

Violent Thugs Go Big…Light Seattle Nordstrom Store On Fire #Arson4GeorgeFloyd…Mass Looting In Seattle and LA Nordstrom Stores #Looting4GeorgeFloyd

Domestic Terrorists Set Nashville City Hall On Fire

Secret Service Surrounds White House in Riot Gear as Thugs Break Barriers, Throw Bricks

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