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Rednecks with ARs Defend Against Looters During Riots

‘Rednecks’ w/ ARs Defend Against Looters During Minneapolis Riots

As riots in Minneapolis continue in response to the death of George Floyd, some responsibly armed Americans have taken it upon themselves to defend storefronts from looters.  

Two such men spoke to local news media about the decision to take up arms and protect local businesses. “It turns out these guys are out here with machetes and shattered windows trying to keep looters out of the businesses ’cause cops can’t get in here,” said one of the men to MNReformer reporter Max Nesterak. “So I figured before there were cops, there were just Americans, so here we are. Bottom line, justice for Floyd and I hope they stop looting at some point.”

Carrying AR-pattern rifles, the two men initially set out to join the protesters calling for police to be held accountable for the killing of Mr. Floyd, the unarmed black man who died on May 25th. Video footage shows Mr. Floyd yelling, “I can’t breathe,” before he eventually goes silent and motionless.  

“Basically you see the records that cops keep. And cops are a lot less likely to try and tread on people’s rights when there’re other armed Americans with them,” the other armed citizen told Nesterak earlier in the video. “I figured it’s about damn time that some heavily armed rednecks stood with fellow citizens.”

This isn’t the first time in our nation’s history when armed citizens took a stand against looters. During the L.A. riots in 1992, Korean shop owners in the city’s Koreatown engaged armed raiders, including gang members, in defense of themselves and their property.

Though it was more than 25 years ago, the actions by those brave citizens still stand today as an affirmation of civilian gun ownership and gun rights. It showed that the 2A is not about hunting, that when the SHTF the need for semiauto firearms, including AR-pattern rifles, is self-evident.

Looks like we’re witnessing the same testament to one’s right to keep and bear arms now in Minneapolis.

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