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Ice Cube Spreads Rumor on Twitter that Cop Who Killed Black Man is Racist Trump Supporter

WHERE’S THE TWITTER POLICE? Ice Cube Spreads Vicious, Racist Rumor on Twitter that Minnesota Cop Who Killed Black Man is Racist Trump Supporter

A Minneapolis police officer was filmed kneeling on a black man’s neck on Monday. The victim said he couldn’t breathe but the police officer kept his knee on his neck.

The black man then died during the arrest. The officer killed him. Four police officers were fired after the incident.

Of course, there were anti-police riots in Minneapolis on Tuesday night following the brutal police assault.

And leave it to Leftists to pour gasoline on the fire.

Rapper Ice Cube spread the vicious rumor that the killer police officer is a racist Trump supporter.

Anything to stir up the hate, hey Ice Cube?

Of course, this was complete horsesh*t. The man (photo) in the racist hat is fraudster Johathan Lee Riches.

Mark Dice responded–

Rosie Memos has more on the fraudster.

Twitter has not fact-checked this hateful, racist tweet. And Ice Cube still has his account. It’s Democrat privilege in action.

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