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Trump May Finally Have Control Over the Fed and Insane Economic Policies

Good News! President Trump May Finally Have Control Over the Fed and Jerome Powell’s Insane Economic Policies

It’s reported over the weekend that the US Treasury and the Fed have joined forces in an effort to save the economy.  This action may provide President Trump the ability to manage the economy as he would have liked these past few years while Jerome Powell from the Fed did all he could to hurt the US economy.

We reported on March 16th that just when President Trump saved the US economy, crooked Jerome Powell and the Fed shocked the markets by lowering rates to zero on a Sunday.

President Trump gave an impressive presentation from the White House about the economy and the markets rose 2,000 points.  After the President’s calming press conference on that Friday the markets ended the day with the largest one day increase in history. The DOW was up almost 2,000 points.

But over the weekend, on a Sunday, Powell lowered the rates as much as he could to nearly zero.  This was unprecedented – lowering rates on a Sunday – to rock bottom.  The markets responded by crashing on the following Monday.

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