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Islamic ‘Hygiene’ Defeats COVID-19

Islamic ‘Hygiene’ Defeats COVID-19

Or so (Sunni) Muslims boast…

The Islamic world—minus Shia Iran, as explained below—is not suffering from COVID-19 the way non-Muslim nations are because Islam naturally makes Muslims “cleaner” than infidels.


The idea is that those who follow Allah’s commandments (as recorded in the Koran) and the prophet’s example (as recorded in the hadith)—in a word, those who uphold sharia—will not suffer what infidels suffer, in this case, COVID-19.


From television programs to social media, Muslims everywhere are trumpeting these convictions.  They are attributing the relatively small number of COVID-19 cases among Sunni nations to Islam’s ritual washing (wudu, which is apparently less stringent among Shias).  They are, moreover, boastfully reveling in a hadith where Muhammad reportedly said, “Cleanliness is from belief.”  This, they say, is proof that the more Muslims submit to the teachings of Islam, the “cleaner”—and therefore healthier—they become.

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