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Chairman Mao’s American Red Guard Remembered

Chairman Mao’s American Red Guard Remembered

Anna Louise Strong is forgotten but not gone.

“Anna Louise Strong, the American who spent most of her life writing books and articles extolling the virtues of Communism, died today of a heart attack in Peking, where she had lived for the last 12 years,” the New York Times reported on March 30, 1970. Fifty years later, with Communist China much in the news, Strong’s career deserves a second look.

Strong never faulted the genocidal Chinese regime for anything, and always reserved her wrath for the United States. As former American consul O. Edmund Chubb explained, “she sold Communism to the world and the Communists rightly loved her for it.”

Anna Louise Strong deployed a defense of the Soviet Union and Communist China, genocidal totalitarian regimes headed by the worst mass murderers in human history. Strong thus surpasses Walter Duranty as the most loathsome Communist apologist of all time, but both were undeniably evil. Meanwhile, saintly mendacity and the heroic lie have not passed into history.

In 2020, when the Chinese virus has inflicted more damage on the United States than the USSR ever managed, the coiffed mouthpieces of America’s establishment media dutifully echo the propaganda of a Chinese Communist regime that still looks to Mao Zedong. Fifty years after her funeral, Anna Louise Strong is forgotten but not gone.

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