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‘Background checks’ vanishing on ‘drag queens’ reading to kids

‘Background checks’ vanishing on ‘drag queens’ reading to kids

Drag-queen events are becoming more and more common across the country, and they are generating more and more controversy.

It’s mostly parents, pastors and others family interests who are concerned about the well-being of children who are exposed to men dressed in dresses, sitting in a school room or a public library, reading stories promoting homosexuality and transgenderism.

With all the bad publicity, those organizing such events have taken to trying to reassure parents, such as the situation in Chula Vista, California, where officials told the public their drag queen promoters had been subject to a background check.

Only they weren’t, says a report from Mass Resistance, an organization that exposes the activities of those promoting the homosexual and transgender lifestyle choices.

The organization’s report called it, “Another chapter in the sordid story of pro-LGBT politicians pushing a depraved agenda.”

The organization’s report explained, “Since last September, a growing group of MassResistance parents in Chula Vista, California, has been battling with the mayor and city council over the depraved ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ event held on Sept. 10, 2019 in the public library. The parents are adamant that the council never allow it back.”

The report said both Mayor Mary Salas and council member Steve Padilla affirmed there were “background checks” on the performers.

But MassResistance, which pursued a Freedom of Information Act procedure with the city, “revealed that the mayor and a city councilman … blatantly lied to the public.”

Parents have reason to be concerned, the report said, since “two drag queens in Texas [who were performing for children} had been convicted of child molestation, and another one was a convicted prostitute.”

Salas stated, “I really feel badly for some of the people that came here and spoke because I think that they weren’t there at the story hour, they didn’t see the content, they didn’t understand that the stories were vetted by our librarian, they didn’t understand that the performers were vetted out and there were background checks on these people.”

Arthur Schaper, of the MassResistance organization, filed a FOIA action asking for a “pdf copy of the record which shows that the city of Chula Vista (whether through the library, the police department, or another agency) completed a background check on the two drag queens who read to the children at the September 10, 2019.”

It was a record specialist who responded, “I have been informed by staff that there are no responsive records to your request, however the city does not require background checks for any of its performers as they only work with staff for less than twenty hours and the city has a standing policy that they are considered episodic volunteers and do not require a background check.”

The letter explained that the performers, “Raquelita” and “Barbie Q” were approved “via the same process as all other one-time library performers, which is: Staff booking the program has checked their references, previous history of events and relevant professional affiliations.”

The MassResistance report explained the two read stories titled “Julian is a Mermaid” and “It’s Ok To Be Different,” and previously had released a music video “about gay bar hookups.”

“When not reading to kids at libraries, [performers] Xaime Aceves Esquihua and Francisco Soto have been known to rap on YouTube about dildos, fisting, and gay-bar hook ups with ‘twinks’ and ‘DL bros,'” the report said.

Commented MassResistance, “If the library staff actually vetted this, and if, as Mayor Mary Salas claims, they also approved that particular book, then the library staff clearly needs to be replaced. Perverted people like these have no business deciding anything regarding children.”

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