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Meet Comrade Fidel Sanders

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Meet Comrade Fidel Sanders

Has our country gone mad?

Even if I believe Bernie Sanders is the best thing to ever happen to the GOP (and I do)…

Even if I believe Bernie will lose to President Trump by an electoral landslide (and I do)…

Even if I believe Bernie at the top of the Democrat ticket will lead to the GOP regaining the House (and I do)…

I still can’t believe some portion of America would vote for this radical, extreme, America-hating, socialist/communist madman. I can’t believe the people who teach our children (here in my hometown of Las Vegas, the Clark County Teachers Union) endorsed this crazy man. I can’t believe Nevada Democrats just handed Bernie a landslide caucus victory.

These people are actually walking among us. They are our neighbors. Think about that for a minute.


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