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Cops Get Called On Anti-Semitic DSA Bernie Sanders Supporter

Cops Get Called On Anti-Semitic DSA Bernie Sanders Supporter

Between Linda Sarsour, John Cusack, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and all the others, you would think that the Sandernistas would have all the anti-Semitic supporters and surrogates they could handle.

But, nope.

Maria Estrada is back. She made headlines for being an explicitly anti-Semitic candidate backed by the DSA and the Sanders camp.

And, like Sarsour and other Bernie supporters, she’s a fan of Farrakhan.

Estrada is not only running again, but she’s getting the cops called on her for pulling Antifa type stuff in Nevada.

The Politico story, as usual, protects Bernie, and fails to mention Maria Estrada’s history of anti-Semitism.

DSA-LA once again endorses the hateful racist.

She’s also endorsed by American Democrats for Social Action. And by Progressive California, which touts her as a real progressive.

Real progressives, according to ADSA, are Jew haters.

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