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The Twisted World of Craig Considine

The Twisted World of Craig Considine

How much damage does his flagrant misinformation about Islam do?

Craig Considine, a lecturer in sociology at Rice University in Houston, is full of love – or so he would have us believe. Love, that is, for Islam, its prophet, and its holy book. It’s a love that Considine – a self-declared Christian – can’t stop affirming.


Whereas Considine’s love of Islam would appear to be absolute and unqualified, however, his attitude toward Judaism and Israel is something else again. As David Gerstman noted in a January 9 article for Middle East Forum, Considine “recently appeared on a Twitter video wearing a kufiyah and touting the organization PaliRoots, which claims to promote Palestinian culture and identity. He could barely contain his enthusiasm about Palestine’s ‘beautiful culture.”


Who is Craig Considine? A graduate of American University, the University of London, and Trinity College in Dublin, he’s written a half-dozen or so books and innumerable articles in which he depicts Islam as pretty much without blemish.


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