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Another Anti-Semitic Attack in New York on Sunday

Another Anti-Semitic Attack in New York’s Grand Central Station on Sunday – Following Saturday’s Monsey Terror Attack

Five people were stabbed in an anti-Semitic attack inside a rabbi’s house in Monsey, New York on Saturday night.

A black male entered Rabbi Rottenburg’s Shul, located in the Forshay neighborhood in Monsey, and pulled out a machete and stabbed five people.

Suspect Grafton Thomas, 37, was arrested on Saturday in Harlem after fleeing the scene of the attack. He was charged with five counts of attempted murder Sunday afternoon with bail set at $5 million.

On Monday Rabbi Marvin Hier from the Simon Wiesenthal Center joined Varney and Co. on Monday morning to discuss this terrorist attack.

Rabbi Hier told Varney and Co. there was another attack on Sunday in Grand Central Station in New York City.

Rabbi Marvin Hier: By the way, there was another attack following the Hasidic attack. Yesterday a young man in Grand Central was wearing a yamaka and he was attacked by an African American. This was not reported but it occurred after the attack in Monsey.

Will Mayor di Blasio blame this on Trump, too?

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