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Protestants under attack in Mexican community

Protestants under attack in Mexican community

A Mexican community is threatening Protestants there with being  ejected from the town they live in unless they financially contribute to a Roman Catholic festival according to an advocacy organization that works on behalf of Christians worldwide.

Local government officials deny there is any problem.

Last July, CSW explained,  Protestant families in the village of la Mesa Limantitla were ordered to leave unless they made “financial contributions to local Roman Catholic festivals and participate in other activities which conflicted with their religious beliefs.”

Earlier, eight Protestant families were forced to sign a document renouncing their faith and were warned that if they began attending Protestant services again their access to water, electricity, drainage services and social benefit programs would be blocked, the organization reported.

Simon Vargas Aguilar, a government secretary of the state of Hidalgo, said publicly that there are no cases “of religious intolerance” in the region.

But Christian Solidarity Worldwide said, contrary to those claims, that “violations of freedom of religion or belief, including cutting access to water and electricity, blocking religious minority children from attending school, arbitrary detention and forced displacement are common in the Huasteca region of Hidalgo.”

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