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Family group defeats Planned Parenthood using their own words

Family group defeats Planned Parenthood using abortionists’ own words

Definition of abstinence: ‘grinding, rubbing bodies, body massage, strip tease’

An official for a pro-family organization that recently blocked Planned Parenthood’s radical “Making Proud Choices” sex-ed curriculum from a public school says the victory was obtained by employing the truth and the abortionists’ own words.

Michael King, director of community alliances at the Massachusetts Family Institute, wrote in a Daily Signal column that parents in a “blue state” defeated Planned Parenthood at least partly by quoting from its own definition of “abstinence,” or “safe sex,” at a public meeting in February.

King said Worcester, the second largest city in Massachusetts, was the scene of a “sex-ed showdown between Planned Parenthood and concerned parents and church leaders.”


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