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Town officials freak out over 12-inch cross in yard

Town officials freak out over 12-inch cross in yard

Banishment of religious emblem could turn into federal case

The banning of a 12-inch white cross on a resident’s lawn by the Florida retirement community The Villages could turn into a federal case for alleged violations of the federal Fair Housing Act, Housing and Urban Development rules and the U.S. Constitution.


The American Center for Law and Justice, ACLJ, is representing Wayne and Bonnie Anderson, who were warned to remove the cross in response to a complaint or face “serious consequences, including exorbitant fines, a possible lawsuit, and even the imposition of a lien on their property,”


“While The Villages’ Deed Restrictions Standards state that lawn ornaments are prohibited, this rule is not enforced against numerous properties all across The Villages – except for the Andersons’.


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