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BBC reporter stunned as top US abortionist admits he’s a ‘baby’ killer

BBC reporter stunned as top US abortionist admits he’s a ‘baby’ killer

Hilary Andersson crisscrossed America interviewing both pro-lifers and abortion activists for a July 22 thirty minute report titled America’s Abortion War. To her credit, Andersson was obviously attempting to be as fair as possible—she confronted politicians on whether they would prevent abortion in the case of rape, but also interviewed a pro-life activist.

But one exchange in the mini-doc was so revealing. A conversation between Andersson and late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart. Andersson visited him in his Maryland abortion clinic (which, bizarrely, has a copy of the serenity prayer hanging on the wall), and asked him precisely what he thought constituted the “health of the mother” in regard to the abortions he provided. Carhart has been doing abortions for thirty years and now looks like an aging, corpulent Dorian Gray. He casually revealed just how easy-going he was about the justifications for late-term abortion, noting that there are all kinds of health to be concerned with, including financial and social health. He refused to say how late he would perform abortions.

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